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When dealing with fellow Christians, understand they are fallible. The best of intentions may not compensate for inferior skills, training, or equipment.  

Fellow Christians may believe what they tell you and be wrong or mislead. Use discernment to select services; wolves may also claim to be sheep.  

Do not select solely on the basis of professed faith; Use all the facilities God gave you, especially prayer.  Guard your relationship with Jesus, let him guide you on the paths you travel.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.    Psalms 119:105




Billy Graham's steps to peace with God

Living Proof Ministries

Trinity Broadcasting Network

T. D. Jakes

Junior Partner Ministries' virtual chapel



Assemblies of God

Four Square, (ICFG)

Calvary Chapel

Baptist, (SBC)

Church of the Nazarene



Arthur Blessitt

Youth With a Mission

Teen Mania

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Silent Partner Consulting



Mission Finder, Missions search

Intimacy with God

Jack Hayford

Mark Chironna

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Bastiat Free University

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Partner in Charity


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Junior Partner Ministries supports the School of Theology at BFU



They will know we are Christians by our love!





This Ministry is founded under the sovereignty of JESUS CHRIST and established under the guarantees set forth by the First Amendment to The Constitution Of The United States Of America. We are not incorporated, in church affairs we recognize no sovereign but Jesus Christ.          Free the 501c3 church!

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Jesus Christ is the sacrificial lamb of God that died for your sin.  A simple "I love you" is always nice to hear.      Jesus Loves you too!